Rare Rims

About Us

The car that started Rarerims c.2003

Rarerims was founded in 2003 by Julian Pearcey in Devon, UK, a keen car and wheel enthusiast.

Whilst searching for a high quality wheel for his track spec Honda Integra DC2, when he came across Rota wheels in the USA, where they were a popular name on the tuner car scene.

Their light weight and JDM styling were just what he was after, so he them set about importing the very first shipment of Rota wheels to the UK, topping up his order with those from other enthusiasts to reach the factory minimum order.

The rest, as they say, is history. Moving from his Dad's garage to a business premises in short order, then continuing to expand both in terms of staff and expanded premises, to the current situation of holding more than 12000 wheels in stock in a single large warehouse and bespoke office setup.

When Drifting arrived in the UK, we were at hand to provide man sized fitments, as well as support for the ​ various Drift championships, something that we still provide to this day.

Rarerims has gone from strength to strength - arguably making Rota wheels anything but rare in the UK!

Now the sole distributor for Rota wheels in the UK and Europe Rarerims is the first port of call for everyone from individuals looking to refresh their car to OEMs like Toyota UK who looked to us when building their fleet of classic livery GT86s, and all other shapes and sizes of customers in-between.

If you need wheels, we are here to help, massive stocks held here in the UK.

We excel at filling niches - and supply wheels for a huge range of vehicles from the VX220, Noble M12, Escort Cosworth and Ariel Atom to the most popular performance and daily driven vehicles such as the Ford Focus, Nissan 350Z and VW Golf.

​We now supply a range of quality brands, with more being added over the next few months - as car enthusiasts, we only sell brands we love!
Our team is amongst the most experienced in the UK, and friendly professional advice is never more than phone call or email away. We like to think we brought customer service to the car tuning scene!